Kehlani Fires Back At Joe Budden For Joking About Her New Track

Kehlani Fires Back At Joe Budden For Joking About Her New Track

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 02: Kehlani enjoys a simply perfect Paloma at PATRÓN Tequila’s Día de Muertos Celebration at City Libre on November 02, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for PATRÓN)

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Joe Budden made some comments on his most recent podcast episode about Kehlani’s new song and she was NOT here for it!

Now in most recent Kehlani/YG news, Kehlani announced earlier this week that her and her boo had called it quits. Everything seemed to be good between the pair who released a collab track called “Konclusions” on Valentines Day. The singer even posted to her story that the two shared a romantic rose petal and candle lit dinner but it seems things went left after that.

Three days after “Konclusions” dropped, Kehlani released a track of her own called “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” where she seemingly calls him out for doing her wrong. Now flash forward to today, Joe Budden said on his podcast, “I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked cause it was just last week we came on this podcast, Rory made me listen to a YG and Kehlani song. I hated it on the first listen and then by the second listen I loved it. I was with this new image of YG in love and making songs like he was in love.”

Budden then goes on to mock the lyrics from Kehlani’s solo track saying, “Somebody explain the woman’s brain to me. You were immature three days ago?” Yikes!

Well Kehlani had some comments of her own. “joe budden is joke,” she wrote in a now deleted tweet. Then proceeded to call him “disgusting,” and then added, “the amount of misinformation and lies and lameness in this episode about me and you used my face is… lol gotta love it.”

Joe did respond trying to explain that he was only kidding. “We love you, it’s jokes… feel better.” Then said in a follow up tweet, “I’m bout sick of you artists… never a peep through years of praise but wanna jump outta windows when you hear something you don’t like… newsflash, i am not friends with you n****s.”

Y’alllll! We’re barely a month and a half into 2020, and we’ve already lost Kobe and Pop Smoke. Can we just be kind to each other?

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