2 Chainz & T.R.U. Talk Shady Side Of Music Rights + Mase & Diddy’s Publishing Feud

2 Chainz & T.R.U. Talk Shady Side Of Music Rights + Mase & Diddy’s Publishing Feud

photo credit: Power 106

Five years ago, 2 Chainz announced that he was starting his own independent record label “The Real University”, also known as “T.R.U.” In October 2019, Chainz announced that T.R.U. has signed a partnership deal with Atlantic Records.

2 Chainz pulled up to the Power 106 studios along with 3 of his artists from his T.R.U. label to have a close conversation with morning show host, Nick Cannon. The Atlanta discovered and 2 Chainz’ endorsed group T.R.U. discussed how the group was formed and how Chainz has impacted the group’s work ethic. While group members Skooly, Sleepy Fresh, Cap 1 have experienced life’s ups and downs before signing with T.R.U. University, the group’s main focus is investing in their future. Chainz also goes on to shed light on starting his own label and assisting up and coming artists, new music from the group, and much more.

During the conversation, Nick and Chainz were talking about Mase and Diddy and the topic of publishing. Best believe, Nick was quick to share his traumatic experience with the crooked side of the business.

“It took many years and many lawyers to get my sh*t back right that I signed some sh*t away for like $5,000… years later I couldn’t even get my publishing right because so many people had owned it and sold it. When I had to go get it back I had to go through 3 or 4 different people.”

Catch the full interview below!


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