Is Big Sean Dropping An Album In Time For Coachella?

Is Big Sean Dropping An Album In Time For Coachella?

Photo Credit: Tabatha Fireman/Getty Images

Looks like 2020 just keeps getting better…

Coachella Music And Arts Festival, dropped their 2020 lineup and it’s full of Hip-Hop’s biggest acts. Big Sean also made the cut, and it’s very typical of artists to drop project’s prior to the festival to build hype for their performance. Since coming back from his hiatus, Sean has only released a few singles in the last year, so when fans saw his name on this year’s lineup it had them wondering if he would be doing the same.

Well y’all, would you LOOK at God?! Sean took to his Instagram today and teased the arrival of a full-length project before the festival in April, “Guess I got a good deadline for the new album now?” he said in his caption. Now there’s no telling at what point in the next four months the project could drop but it is likely it’ll drop closer to Coachella, so let’s hope we can all be patient!

Sean has really done a 180 with his life as of late, he went into detail last year about his mental health struggles and explained that his time away from the public eye helped him deal with his anxiety. You may also remember that he delayed his tour in 2018 and ultimately pushing back his album entirely. To say that this next release from Sean is highly anticipated by fans would be putting it lightly! April can’t come any sooner y’all!! Peep the full Coachella 2020 lineup below:

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