Lil Baby Advises Kids To Stay In School To Get Out Of The Hood

Lil Baby Advises Kids To Stay In School To Get Out Of The Hood

Photo credit: Getty / Bennett Raglin

Being part of the streets is no longer advised, at least according to Lil Baby. While he does come from humble beginnings, and an environment that was not the greatest influence, he still believes that education is imperative if you truly want to get out of the hood. He said in a recent interview, “I always hung around n*ggas way older than me so I done seen it all. N*ggas who made it, niggas who didn’t make it, and niggas that went to jail.”

Lil Baby remembers seeing things that worked or didn’t work with others and applied this experience to his hussle. He tells the young generation in the hood,  “I advice all my lil bros like, yeah, y’all go to school. That sh*t matter . . . “ his biggest advice to them was, “…if you get locked up and go to them judges tell them folks, ‘I gotta go to school,” they’ll spare you. They’ll be more lenient.”

He sees himself as lucky, “I don’t ever really feel like your environment can make you this or that,” and just hopes others coming up have the same luck by taking his advice.

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