Maxo Kream Talks Houston Influences & Jay Z’s Hand In His Album ‘Brandon Banks’ [WATCH]

Maxo Kream Talks Houston Influences & Jay Z’s Hand In His Album ‘Brandon Banks’ [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Power 106

Maxo Kream is Houston’s finest. The Texas native has had a standout year, unleashing his second studio album titled Brandon Banks, dedicated to his father. Spearheaded by singles “Meet Again” and “She Live” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, the project sees Maxo in his truest form: the flyest Crip you’ve ever seen. Combining the street hustle with his rap talents, fans can’t get enough of his relentless bars and hard delivery. Most recently, Maxo Kream stopped by Power 106 for an exclusive interview with DJ Felli Fel.

When asked about his biggest Houston influences, Maxo reflects, “Man, I looked up to the d boys and trappers because they had the money. I wasn’t really into rappers. By the time I turned 15 or 16 after Katrina hit — it got hard for us and we needed money, that’s who I looked up to. But early on coming on, the whole Texas movement. I grew up on that. The Game, 50 Cent, Papoose, you know, spitters. This was when I was 13 when I had rap dreams. They faded away at 15 and came back around down the line.”

Next, Felli reveals “Meet Again” is his favorite song off the new album. Maxo then explains it was Jay Z, “You gotta come in feeling my pain and emotion. I gotta bring you on the rollercoaster. Hov is actually the one who made me put that track #1. Because “Meet Again” was the last track, then when I was getting everything right, he called me. Well first he made me put “Murda Blocc” with A$AP Ferg, he’s like ‘sliding with the stick like it’s hockey bitch!’ He sent me that, then he’s like ‘put “Meet Again” on #1.'”

By the time the album dropped, “Meet Again” already had 7 million streams on Spotify alone. Hov said he had to make it his intro because “when it comes in, the album will stream well and get everything right.” Maxo then jokes how Hov is a billionaire, so he’s going to listen to him.

Watch above as Maxo reveals his first encounters with Hov initially!