Nick Cannon Releases 2nd Diss Track For Eminem – “Pray For Him”

Nick Cannon Releases 2nd Diss Track For Eminem – “Pray For Him”

Photo credit: Nick Cannon

LORRRDT! Nick done did it AGAIN and came out with ANOTHER DISS TRACK towards Eminem!

The track is called “Pray For Him” and is now a “part 2” to the original diss track titled, “The Invitation”.

While Nick Cannon seems to be getting back lash for even responding to Eminem’s original diss featured on Fat Joe’s song, “Lord Above,” that does not seem to stop Nick from demanding the respect he feels he AND his baby momma, Mariah Carey, deserve…looks like the Cannon GOES IN on Em! Peep the lyrics below:

You used to be / In a position to talk to kids and they listen

Now you a politician  / You voted for Trump, b*tch admit it

They used to call you a menace / In the shoe fit you wore

But now you getting face lifts like an Instagram wh*re

You used to be the king of the booth / Ludacris, lucrative lyrics

Now all you do is just growl / Like you got Tourrettes and hysterics

Maybe it’s your mommy issues / Maybe your white devilish spirit

Maybe uh, the original music that your fans used to cherish

Now you debated, disputed, hated and viewed in America

As a motherf*ckin’ drug addict / You’ll never be a legend

Damn, you really should start to stare at who’s in the mirror

Look at all that f*ckin’ botox / B*tch, I know you’re embarrassed

F*ck all the tricks and the gimmicks

You like the new white supremacist / Say the same f*ckin’ sentences

N*gga you ain’t no lyricist

Blam! Blam! Flam! Flam! Take Xans and transans

I bet you never thought the kill shot would come from the Cannon


You used to be a renegade.

OKAYYYY, NICK! Y’all think Eminem is going to rebuttal?

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