Wack 100 Compares Biggie Smalls & Nipsey Hussle: “He Was Not A Legend When it Came To Music”

Wack 100 Compares Biggie Smalls & Nipsey Hussle: “He Was Not A Legend When it Came To Music”

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Wack 100 has been the topic of conversation since his recent comments about the late Nipsey Hussle. The outspoken manager sits down with Nick Cannon Mornings to explain his opinion why he believes Hussle’s music catalog does not grant his “legendary” moniker. While Wack gets into the debate, he compares the late Biggie Smalls to Nip, comments on the current T.I. riff that’s played out on social media, and Wack even drops his greatest fear in the Firing Squad.

Speaking to Nick Cannon about Nipsey’s impact in community and music, Wack explains, “I’m not involving myself with who he was as a father, what he was to his community, because I don’t know what his portfolio is, because I don’t know.” 100 goes on to continue saying, “I think if he would have been around long enough, a little longer, maybe he could have got to that status. But for me to give his that “legend” word, means we have to go back and we have to give LL, Dr. Dre, Cube, and all these other people a different moniker.”

Further clearing up why his opinion stands, Wack’s comparison of both Nipsey Hussle and Biggie Smalls based on musical impact, leads the manager to conclude that both of the late emcees are not of legendary status. Wack also goes on to clear up why he doesn’t have a beef with T.I., contrary to the social media back and forth, and also gets into the Firing Squad questions where he expresses why the youth should not join street gangs.

Peep the full Close Conversation with Wack 100 and Nick Cannon below!

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