Cardi B & Offset Are Unbothered After Social Media Hack + 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend’s DMs

Cardi B & Offset Are Unbothered After Social Media Hack + 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend’s DMs

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Whew 2019 is definitely not going out without a fight into the new 2020 decade.

It what seemed like an unfortunate deja-vu moment for one of our favorite hip-hop couples in the game, Offset and Cardi B, internet hackers are to blame for the latest “tea spill” on social media.

To catch you up, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s baby momma might have let this hack out of the bag when she posted what seemed to be a valid receipt of Atlanta rapper Offset sliding back into her DM with an “I Miss You” message. This wouldn’t have been the first interaction Jade, 69’s girlfriend, and Offset have had, as Cardi B currently faces felony charges against her due to an alleged altercation between the two women after rumors circulated of Offset’s infidelity with Jade. Whew!

Along with a series of suspicious tweets that went out, and the Jade DM, Cardi B had to set the record straight and jumped on her Instagram to let everyone know that her hubby was indeed hacked and they were simply bothered.
Popping out of bed from dealing with overnight sickness, Cardi explains in a series of videos, “So as you can see, this guy’s [Offset] has been hacked.” The “Money” rapper continues, “ Now, let me tell y’all something. Babe, I know you’ve done some dumb sh*t. Everybody know he done some dumb sh*t, but come on now, n****s ain’t dumb, n****s ain’t crazy!”

Glad to know that everything is all good with the Sets!


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We look crazy …don’t mind us y’all we both sick and just woke up …anyways we not going to entertain bullshit.

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