Troy Ave Recalls Being Shot Twice On Christmas Day

Troy Ave Recalls Being Shot Twice On Christmas Day

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New York native Troy Ave came through to Nick Cannon Mornings to discuss his come up in the music game since being humbled after serving some time behind bars. The rapper also shared his experience being blackballed in the industry, how his life changed after leaving the street life behind to help others, and he also details being shot twice Christmas of 2016.

First things first, from getting shot, to haters, to court cases and arrests, there are a lot of misunderstanding surrounding Troy Ave. Nick gives him the opportunity to clear some things up, so when asked, what some common misunderstandings about him may be, he replies; “I feel like I get a big misunderstanding because I’m so genuine and 100. You know what I’m saying? It be things that I go out my way and do, and do something for somebody. But when you realize the love was fake, I’m gonna say something about it. When you say something about it in this entertainment, it’s like ‘whoa, you’re too aggressive’.” he explains.

Troy continues, “They started saying I was aggressive. That I’m cocky and arrogant. How am I cocky and arrogant? I always say, when Michael Jordan held up is his six rings, you weren’t calling him cocky and arrogant. Somebody told me I need told humble myself. I’m like humble? You know what’s humbling? Humble, is me having to sell music out of my trunk in the cold. Me having a Chevy Tahoe with 22inch rims, that was like my first v, and I was just grinding, having to spray starting fluid under the trunk; just to start it because my joint would cut off sometimes, […] recording myself all the time, […] saving my own money, building my studio in my mama basement. […] Packing my own CDs. […] Standing in the cold trying to get DJ’s to play my record. That’s humbling!” He later adds, “Sometimes your confidence will make people insecure.” AND I OOP!

The rapper also discusses his relationship with God, and why he plans to continue putting out more White Christmas mixtapes. “Two years ago on Christmas day, I got shot in my head, and in my back. Then I had dropped, White Christmas. I was playing it actually when I got shot. I was playing it in the car and like, I feel like I really be blessed, because like, I always put God first no matter what.” He says that whether or not people like it, he feels like it’s his calling to bring God’s word to people.

“So on the intro, I got a prayer from my cousin, he like a young Pastor or whatever. And he praying on the joint. And it was just playing, and that what was playing when you know, someone try and sneak me. The prayer was playing. So i I was sitting in my car, and the prayer was playing. So by the grace of God, I’m here.” He says that he made a promise to himself and his fans, “I said, no matter what, if god bless me, and take me to new heights in my career; I’ma always use my platform to spread the word of God. […] I don’t care if I’m 97 years old, long as I’m breathing, I’ma put out a White Christmas.”

Watch Troy and Nick’s entire close conversation below:

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