The Future Is Here!—Tesla Unveils The New Cybertruck

The Future Is Here!—Tesla Unveils The New Cybertruck

Photo Credit: CNN via Tesla

If you always dreamed of driving the car for back to the future you can get a self driving look-a-like starting in 2021.

Tesla just unveiled it’s newest model called, the Cybertruck. It’s the pickup truck of the future! Tesla CEO Elon Musk, just revealed the electric truck at his Design Studio in Hawthorne, California and it’s probably all you imagined and more. Truth be told, the car doesn’t even really look real, more like a ride at Disneyland or a piece of art than a car, but low and behold; the car of the future.

What’s interesting is the body of the vehicle is all one, rather than a seperate cab and bed like the typical pickup. According to Musk, the truck’s exterior is made from a newly developed stainless steel alloy, which is the same metal used for SpaceX rockets. Thus, making the car “literally bulletproof” against smaller firearms.

Musk gave a demonstration on the durability, but from the looks of it, didn’t go as planned. Watch below to L-O-L:

Another thing about this vehicle is the low-low price-tag. Well, maybe not LOW low, but lower than yu might expect. The base version of the truck starts at $39,900. The top end Tri Motor AWD version starts at $69,900 and buyers can of course add the “self-driving” option for an extra $7,000. Whew!

Production is set to begin in late 2021 for the base model and the Tri Motor version in 2022. Wow. The future people! The FUTURE. Just waiting on flying cars now so I can fly over all the traffic on the 405…

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