Kamala Harris Wants To Legalize Weed & Expunge Felonies

Kamala Harris Wants To Legalize Weed & Expunge Felonies

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Senator and 2020 presidential candidate, Kamala Harris stopped by Power 106 for a special close conversation with Nick Cannon. Senator Harris details how she went from a young black girl in Oakland to running for President; and if she’s elected, how she’ll address accountability for police misconduct, close the racial wealth gap, fight the war on drugs and more.

Coming up in Northern Cali, and repping Oakland, Senator Harris shares with Nick Cannon Mornings how she grew up and ultimately found her place in the 2020 running for the country’s next Commander In Chief. Harris says,“I was raised in a community where my parents were active in the Civil Rights movement. So I joke that I grew up surrounded by a bunch of adults who spent full time marching and shouting for justice. The music of my childhood was Aretha singing “Young, Gifted and Black” that that’s who you are. I was raised to believe that we can do and be anything.” Continuing her conversation about her presidential campaign, Harris also shares her thoughts about the current sitting President Donald Trump. 

We have got to vote. We have got a racist in The White House, who is also a criminal. Let me be clear about that. And I know what I’m talking about. This is a time you do want a prosecutor running for president. I am really clear about this. There is a criminal living in The White House and nobody is above the law including the president of the United States.

Senator Kamala Harris was of course put through the Firing Squad where she shared the best advice she’s received, which was from her mother who once told her, “Don’t let anybody ever tell you who you are, you tell them who you are”.

Watch the full Close Conversation with Kamala Harris and Nick Cannon below!

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