#PowerOn: Instagram Is Removing Likes And Influencers Are SHOOK

#PowerOn: Instagram Is Removing Likes And Influencers Are SHOOK

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Drake gets booed off stage at Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyga releases “Macarena”, Mo’Nique files a lawsuit against Netflix and make sure to check out Bryhana’s newest playlist of the week!

The topic of the week was how Drake got booed offstage at Camp Flog Gnaw last Sunday after fans were expecting to see Frank Ocean. Bryhana hit the red carpet at the Truth Be Told premiere and celebrities gave there opinion on the whole debacle.

Tyga is continuing the latino vibes with his new single “Macarena” and it’s a BOP! Mo’Nique is suing Netflix for gender and racial discrimination, after they low balled her with a offer for a comedy special. Lastly, Instagram is removing likes starting this upcoming week, some influencers are NOT happy but Bryhana is actually here for it!

Find out why and listen to all the rest of this week’s tea on the FULL Power On:

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