Motorola Bringing Back The Razr Flip Phone In Jan 2020

Motorola Bringing Back The Razr Flip Phone In Jan 2020

Photo Credit: Motorola via Associated Press

The early 2000’s are alive and WELL!

Motorola is bringing back the best-selling flip phone this January! The thing is…the phone will cost $1,500 and will only available on Verizon, which may be a deterrent for some. Customers can also expect a folding, glass OLED display, rather than a regular screen. Basically like a bendable iPhone.

You also might be wondering, if you do happen to break it, it will cost you $299 to replace the foldable screen after the one-year warranty expires. Chaim Gartenberg, a news editor for The Verge, is giving potential consumers the real REAL saying, “It’s too expensive, with specs that are too weak for the price, especially compared to the wealth of more powerful phones with better cameras and hardware that are available. And the foldable display technology is too untested to be truly reliable, even with Motorola’s assurances. But I’m still really excited by the Razr and the fact that it exists.”

Hmmm, it will be interesting come January to see what the general public thinks. Peep all the details in the video below:

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