Keyshia Cole Is Dating A 23-Year-Old But She is Not His “Elder”

Keyshia Cole Is Dating A 23-Year-Old But She is Not His “Elder”

Photo Credit: Power 106

She’s a singer, songwriter, actress, producer, television personality… she does it all. She is Keyshia Cole and she pulled up to the Power 106 studios to have a close conversation with morning show host Nick Cannon

Nick brought up the fact that he’s been in the situation before similar to Keyshia Cole and her man in which he stepped up to an elder in his relationship with Mariah Carey. To which Keyshia Cole replied, 

“I am not a f*cking elder. I am not his f*cking elder.”

Nick asked her to embrace it telling her that she is his elder. Telling her that there is nothing wrong with being a younger man that was molded and shaped by someone who is older. 

“I learned so much from Mariah,” Nick said, “I will be forever in debt to how she allowed me to come into manhood.”

Nick then talked about how people want their R&B/Soul singers to be miserable. Because that’s where they make their best music. 

“I literally don’t have happy songs,” Keyshia replied, “can’t name them. ‘Heaven Sent’ is still talking about not being the one.”

Watch the interview below to hear what else Keyshia had to say!



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