Joe Moses Talks ‘Westside’ Album, Relationship With Future + Opinion On Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Joe Moses Talks ‘Westside’ Album, Relationship With Future + Opinion On Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

On the night of his album Westside debuting, Joe Moses dropped in with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk to talk about the project, the features, working with Future and more.

Typically nights when an artist drops a new project it is full of energy and celebration. Both of those things were present with Joe, but after discussing his day he shared it was bittersweet as he informed the L.A. Leakers he had just gotten out of jail earlier due to the police searching his homes with a warrant. Sourmilk asked the rapper claims whatever they were searching for and attempting to find was something they didn’t. However, they took all of his vehicles among other personal possessions. When reflecting on his tolling day, Joe claimed “Bosses don’t complain you just got to get over it and get it done in the best way possible.”

Transitioning to discussing the new album Westside, the LA native talked about the 14 tracks including features from Future, RJ, Young Thug, Eric Bellinger, and our very own LA Leakers. Speaking on working with Future, the “Stop It” rapper notes that he is the type of brother who wants to see everyone win. He adds that he feels you don’t have to be a big artist for those type of people to respect you. “They treat you like you have already ‘blown up.'” For an artist like Future to say something like that to Joe makes him want to go even harder and show everyone in the game as well as his fans his growth.

Watch the full interview below to find out about his joint album with RJ on the way, how important it is to maintain relationships and more below. You can also stream Westside here:

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