Summer Walker Announces She’s Canceling The Remainder Of Her Tour

Summer Walker Announces She’s Canceling The Remainder Of Her Tour

Photo Credit: Ser Baffo/Getty Images for BET

You may have seen this one coming…

Summer Walker took to social media today to announce that she will not, be continuing the rest of her tour. Since dropping her album debut album Over It last month, Summer’s rise to fame was quite literally, over night. The R&B singer has previously stated that she doesn’t see herself continuing on with her music career, stating that she deals with social anxiety and that fame is just not for her.

Today fans learned she wasn’t joking when she posted and deleted this video to her Instagram account,

The video is now deleted, and so far fans attending her San Francisco show tonight say they have yet to receive any emails from Ticketmaster confirming the news, so for now they’re planning on attending as scheduled. Summer hasn’t posted anything since she uploaded the video around 12pm PST. So for now, it’s just a waiting game.

For those who may not know, or have just been put onto this talented queen; checkout a brief timeline of Summer Walker’s short, but impactful career:

1) July 26, 2018.
Summer drops the lead single off her forthcoming mixtape Last Day Of Summer

2) October 19, 2018
Last Day Of Summer drops

3) January 25, 2019
She releases her first EP, CLEAR that consists of four acoustic recordings

4) February 10, 2019
Drake hops on the “Girls Need Love” remix, and Summer becomes an overnight sensation

5) August 23, 2019
“Playing Games”, lead single off her first studio album drops

6) October 2, 2019
Summer receives over a billion streams globally before her album even drops

7) October 3, 2019
Her debut studio album Over It is released, and receives critical acclaim

8) October 4, 2019
The singer announces her tour, called “THE FIRST AND LAST TOUR”, and the title is literal AF. She captioned the announcement on social media saying, “im only doing this once so yall better be lit.”

9) October 20, 2019
Summer’s first night of “THE FIRST AND LAST TOUR”

10) November 12th, 2019
Summer announces she’s canceling the rest her tour in a post and delete

Well there you have it folks. Summer literally seems to be OVER IT, but we hope she’s just playing games…only time will tell though, until then, the following tweets will be my MOOD.


UPDATE: Summer has reposted the video and says that she wants “to continue to be healthy and to make music for y’all,” so she’s cutting down some of the dates on the tour. She will still be playing nine more scheduled shows.

The remaining dates are:
Nov 12 San Francisco
Nov 25 Toronto
Nov 26 Chicago
Nov 27 Royal Oak
Dec 2 Boston
Dec 5 Philadelphia
Dec 7 NYC
Dec 8 NYC
Dec 22 ATL

She also adds, “All cancelled dates will be refunded asap.”