Robert Ri’chard Speaks On How Being An At-Risk Youth Growing Up, Lead Him To Acting

Robert Ri’chard Speaks On How Being An At-Risk Youth Growing Up, Lead Him To Acting

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Now an established veteran in the game, Robert Ri’chard has seen success as a childhood star and continues to move with every generation as he protects his legacy. Richard shares details about his upcoming projects, including over four unreleased films, being the CEO of a health and wellness company, and shares what he is most recognized for as a seasoned actor.

Robert Ri’chard is known for being an actor, entertainer, CEO and entrepreneur, but aside from his successful acting career, he’s staying booked and busy with his new health and wellness business venture! He has started a company called EPM, which stands for Elite Performance Medicine a company that makes healing products made will all active ingredients.

You may know Robert best from his roles in shows like Cousin Skeeter and Touched By An Angel, and movies like Light It Up with Usher; as well as many others. Currently he has a movie out called Bolden about the birth of jazz music, that’s on Amazon video. He also has four other movies coming out soon, California Love with Draya Michele, a horror movie called Devour, another one called Real Talk and My Brother’s Keeper which is a faith based film; so be sure to stay on the lookout for those!

Nick mentions that he feels like the actor doesn’t get enough love as a thespian, and says that the first Emmy award he ever saw up close as a young kid belonged to Robert!

Ri’chard also talked growing up in South Central LA, and says his teachers told him that he would end up just another statistic; meaning in jail, in a gang, or dead. Then one day, he was walking down the street and saw a rival gang approaching. In an effort to stay, he says he “dipped into a random building, and it just happened to be an acting school and that’s how I began.” It was fate!

As of recently, he says he’s gotten behind the African American Male Wellness Association and is helping to get black men health screenings as well as trying to connect with and inspire the youth. “Now i’m like ‘yo young kids need something productive to do’ and it needs to be those places that exist that say ‘hey, let’s take your energy that you have and put it to something productive’ and now I’m a big advocate for that I’m just building it up.”

Watch Robert and Nick’s entire close conversation below:

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