The Things Y’all Will Do For A Popeyes Sandwich: A THREAD

The Things Y’all Will Do For A Popeyes Sandwich: A THREAD

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Popeyes chicken sandwich ain’t been back but 5 days and somebody is already dead, cars are wrecked and countless fights have broken out.

When we thought after the first time it couldn’t get any worse..guess the joke’s on us! What isn’t a joke though is violence, now we DO NOT condone or support any of this in any way, shape or form, but this is the reality people.

THIS is what our country is doing for a chicken sandwich…SMH watch below:

In Maryland you got the employees fighting EACH OTHER,

This happened, the same day, at the same location in Edgewood. I have no words.

Then in San Antonio y’all are hitting the ELDERLY,

Y’all straight ROBBED, this Popeyes in Ohio…

Look how upset someone’s Mom is because she has to wait in that line chile,

Whew and you already know the sandwich hit different in Florida, it was all the employees against this one girl

This is also in Florida, that poor woman had to come COLLECT her mans for wildin…

And Milwaukee…

This man got out of character in front of his CHILD,

And last but not least there’s this racist man who decided to use to N-word because they ran out of fries, so they jumped him and stole his sandwich

Y’all I am TIRED. They must be putting crack in the chicken so I’ma just stick to Chick Fil-A. I’m good luvs, enjoy.

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