Draya Michele On Deserving More Credibility as Successful Mother, Business Woman, & Party Girl

Draya Michele On Deserving More Credibility as Successful Mother, Business Woman, & Party Girl

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Draya Michele sat down for a Close Conversation with Nick Cannon Mornings where the former reality television star shared why she is more than what is shown on social media. Draya details success she has found with her many business ventures including a lucrative swimwear line, how she still takes care of her family, even though she likes to party, and talks about monogamy and an upcoming film project.

Speaking on how she came to have a drive behind her and getting into various deals, Draya tells Nick Cannon that she grew up wanting more.

It comes from growing up and not having and wanting. So, you gotta figure if you want to drive a fancy car and you want to live in a nicer apartment; how do you get it? I just found ways to make money that were things that I liked to do and could earn money. I never wanted to be at a job where I was like, “I hate my job but I have to be here because it pays me.” I wanted to love what I do and that’s why I do so many things that I just love.

Draya admits that she does understand on people can only see one-side to the multi-faceted business woman, as she tends to only show what she wants to display via her social media posts, the designer says that she holds down her home and family although she has no plans for leaving behind her tequila habit. Draya says, “I like to drink straight tequila. I don’t like it on ice, I don’t like it cold…Me and tequila have like, this love thing, but it’s like bad. I love her but she don’t love me though.” When asked when she would ever stop drinking so much of her favorite liquor, Draya said, “My liver gon’ let me know when it’s time to quit.”

Draya goes on to continue to keep the conversation one hundred, Draya takes a few rounds of the Firing Squad where she shares her biggest fear, her upcoming projects and more.

Watch the full interview below!


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