10 Last Minute Hip-Hop Halloween Costumes

10 Last Minute Hip-Hop Halloween Costumes

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Ain’t nothing like the last minute!

So here we are. Yet again. It’s Halloween and you SWEAAARRR you staying in on the couch to eat candy and watch a scary movie. Then your homegirl/homeboy calls you up and invites you to this party and after some begging you give in.

But wait. You don’t have a costume. Don’t trip, I got tricks AND treats for y’all. Check out these last minute hip-hop Halloween costumes that may not get you laid…but they’ll at least get some laughs!

#1 Kanye West

Things you’ll need: a suit, a t-shirt, sunglasses, and a chain

#2 Tupac

Things you’ll need: Fannel, mens underwear, dickies, a bandana, and a sharpie

#3 Post Malone

Things you’ll need: a flannel and a sharpie

BONUS: a friend who can braid hair

#4 Pregnant Beyonce

Things you’ll need: a red bra, blue shorts and something green to throw on your head (ie: blanket, robe etc etc)

#5 Cardi B

Things you’ll need: a matching top and bottom (any color will do), sunglasses, and a blanket or scarf

#6 Outkast

Things you’ll need: two wigs, a bandana, and a white t-shirt

#7 Eminem

Things you’ll need: a white t-shirt, a black hoodie and a sharpie

#8 Tekashi 69
Ya’ll knew this one was coming.

Things you’ll need: a rainbow wig and a sharpie

#9 City Girls

Things you’ll need: white button ups and socks

#10 Tyler The Creator: IGOR

Things you’ll need: a suit, short blonde wig and sunglasses

Now these 10 looks are SURE to have you culturally relevant and likely the highlight to the party. If you don’t already have most of these items at your house already, call up a friend and I guarantee you, you can piece one or more of these ideas together in 5 minutes or less.

You’re welcome! Be safe out there boos

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