Wolf Tyla On Vine Jumpstarting Her Career & Hearing “All Tinted” On The Radio [WATCH]

Wolf Tyla On Vine Jumpstarting Her Career & Hearing “All Tinted” On The Radio [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Power 106

Wolf Tyla’s “All Tinted” has been taking over radio airwaves and functions all over the States. The 23-year-old boasts over 1.6 million followers on Instagram alone, attributing her social media presence to Vine. While the app no longer exists, the entertainment network has jumpstarted some of the industry’s biggest names — including King Bach. Now, the Queens native stops by Power 106 for an exclusive interview with DJ Felli Fel.

It was at age 17 during high school when she first learned about the app, eventually making six-second clip videos of her own. The now LA-based recording artist states, “I feel like I just made up characters and people just found it really entertaining. I’d do different voices and people just thought it was hilarious, I’m like ‘okay!'”

With Felli first playing her standout single “All Tinted” on the New At 2, Wolf has nothing but gratitude. She explains, “It’s the most incredible feeling. The fact that I’m not even from here, I’m from New York originally. To come across the country… I just moved here in November so next month is going to make a year. I left my family, came out here because I want to do music, I want to pursue it.”

On top of that, she’s not signed to a major label — doing things completely independent and funding everything herself. She continues, “To know that someone could go out of their way to be like ‘wow, I love this song just to love it. I want to play it, I want other people to hear it and support unconditionally…” I had to cry about it!”

In regards to her forthcoming single titled “Euphoria,” she states, “This song is also inspired from the HBO series Euphoria. I absolutely love that show. Basically the message behind it is just letting go of your fears, it actually is putting a microscope over anxiety more than anything. It’s telling the message of ‘it’s okay to be yourself.” Always remind yourself that whatever stage you’re going through (vertically or horizontally), you have keep on being yourself. Because in the beginning, you’re yourself. That’s why people like you or gravitate toward you.”

Watch above as she lists her biggest New York influences, advice from her mom, and more!

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