R&B Group Immature Details Relationship With B2K: “Everything Is Not Good”

R&B Group Immature Details Relationship With B2K: “Everything Is Not Good”

Photo credit: Power 106

After 20 years of not doing ANY radio interviews, OG R&B group, Immature, stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings and talked about drama with B2K, personal relationships, and being in the game since they were kids.

Things get deep when Nick asked Marques about his relationship with B2K in which Houston responds, “Everything is not good,” meaning everyone has gone their own way, even though they are part of the same company. Marques also said his relationship with his group Immature comes from a real friendship. He can’t say the same for B2K,  “Their dynamic is different, very different. We [Immature] are actually friends, they at work, they’re coworkers.”  Despite the awkward dynamics he has no beef with anyone.

Nick also asked about old rumors that Romeo from Immature set straight, in regards to his eye injury. He confirmed that female R&B singer, Brandy, did in fact cut his eye, leaving one of his eyes blind. He saids, “Thats a true story…she got into it with someone, she had a book in her hand and just tossed it back. Not thinking anyone was that close and cut my retina, detached it. The lens to my eye had fallen out.”  Amidst the unfortunate event, he has no hard feelings towards Brandy.

Watch the full interview below!