5 Reasons Why Drake Is The Epitome Of A Scorpio—According To His Lyrics

5 Reasons Why Drake Is The Epitome Of A Scorpio—According To His Lyrics

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 16: Host Drake performs onstage during the 2014 ESPYS at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on July 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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Today is Drake’s 33rd birthday! Which means its basically a national holiday right? Now, if there is ONE thing that’s true about Drizzy, it’s that he’s a Scorpio through and through!

Even if you don’t know a thing about astrology, chances are you’ve heard something about Scorpios. They are the most talked about sign for several reasons; but we’re also the most misunderstood. *Hello, fellow Scorpio here!* I mean come ON, Drake even named his album Scorpion. The man is truly the poster child for Scorpios everywhere, and as PROOF I’ll cite his lyrics below. Remember, he said it, not me!

#1 “I wasn’t hidin’ my kid from the world, I was hidin’ the world from my kid”— “Emotionless”, Scorpion
Scorpio Trait: Secretive

HELLO!!! Need I say more? This man hid an ENTIRE HUMAN from the world. Now you know you can trust him with your deepest darkest secrets…


#2 “If you had a twin, I would still choose you” — “Work”, Rihanna featuring Drake
Scorpio Trait: Obsessive

You GUYS he shot his shot at Rihanna, on stage, in front of millions of people, and got curved! And still kept coming back!! He got a matching tattoo with her. Look, if we love you, we love you. And that’s that on that.


#3 “Yeah, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers, Yeah, you gettin’ bodied by a singin’ n****” — “Back To Back”
Scorpio Trait: Vindictive

The Meek beef? The Pusha beef? Don’t mess with a Scorpio, because you’ll get the stinger! And we aren’t very quick to forgive. In fact,we can hold a grudge as long as we live…you’ve been warned!


#4 “Thinking ’bout Texas back when Porsche used to work at Treasures, Or further back then that, before I had the Houston leverage. When I got Summer a Michael Kors with my momma’s debit […] Or Beverly Center Macy’s where I discovered Bria […] The one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree, I’ve always been feeling like she was the piece to complete me.” — “From Time”, NWTS
Scorpio Trait: Passionate/ Hopeless Romantic

I mean…Scorpio’s ruling body part is their GENITALS people, AND I OOP! For real though, if I had a dollar for the amount of times this man has mentioned his ex lovers by NAME in his lyrics, I would be Jeff Bezos. Jk. But can you really blame the guy though??? He loves love, okay!!!


#5 “No new friends, no new friends, no new friends, no, no new. I stay down from day one so I say fuck all y’all n****s, except my n****s”
Scorpio Trait: Loyal

Drake has had the same friends all his life. He has a COMPOUND so they can all live near each other. He employs them, (his best friend is his head of security), has helped them start businesses, two of his close friends make music of their own now because Drake put them on! The man is loyal till the soil!


Welp, you can’t argue with the facts people! These are all the things, that make Drake, well…Drake! And we love him for it! Happy Birthday Drizzy, even though everyday is like your birthday since you’ve turned it into a lifestyle.

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