HBD Miguel! [LISTEN] We’ve Compiled His Essential Tracks

HBD Miguel! [LISTEN] We’ve Compiled His Essential Tracks

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JULY 06: Miguel performs onstage during the 2018 Essence Festival presented By Coca-Cola - Day 1 at Louisiana Superdome on July 6, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Essence)

Photo Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Essence

The singer turns 34 today; so to celebrate, We’ve put together all the essential Miguel songs so you can vibe today out in honor of him! You’re welcome 🙂

PS. these are NOT ranked in a particular order, just enjoy them!

Alright, ready to get in your feelings? “Sure Thing”, I’ve got your back.

Fair warning though, you might be tempted to call your boo to, “Come Through And Chill”, after listening to these tracks.

because it’s really the “Simple Things” in life that mean the most, you know?

And hopefully you’ll let their love “Adorn” you all night;)

But when you wake up in the morning and realize it was all a “Kaleidoscope Dream”,

You’ll be like “How Many Drinks?” did I have…

But thank God for “Coffee” right?!

If your friends try to tell you what a “Sky Walker” you were at the club all night,

You’ll be like “Remind Me To Forget”. Yikes.

But then all will be well, because you’ll check your phone and you’ll have a good morning text from that “#Beautiful” mans/womans you met.

Alright, I’m finished and I’m done. Hopefully you enjoyed this walk down memory lane, and you’re not too in your feels. Listen with caution kids, and happy first day of Scorpio season!!!

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