Chicklet & Maleni Are The New Generation ‘I Love Lucy’

Chicklet & Maleni Are The New Generation ‘I Love Lucy’

Photo credit: Power 106

Our favorite CRAZYASS couple, Chicklet and Maleni, stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings! These social media influencers have been able to bank off their realness, not to mention, for being EXTRA AF too. They act just like their videos so you know the interview was kept 100 percent real.

Nick asked the couple how it started between the two and in typical Maleni fashion, jokingly said they met at McDonald’s while Chicklet was working, “they f*cked up my order, I ordered a Big Mac and they gave me a McChicken.” Chicklet cut her off and told the true story of how they met, “It was a rave, we get downstairs and there is like 30 guys there on the wall, nothing is happening,” so I walk up to my mans and said, ‘Yo where is the b*tch that said sh*t it was lit’ . . . he [Chicklets friend] move back. Chicklet told Maleni, “Yo I don’t fuck with you’ [She said] I don’t fuck with you neither.”

They have that relationship that keeps things on edge. Nick asked them what would they take onto a stranded island  Chicklet said, “I’m take a different shorty . . . [Maleni stared him down] we on an island bro what you think.”  The two kept the banter going with Nick adding fuel to the fire.

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