Master P Saved Snoop From Death Row Records + Puts Lil Wayne In Top 5

Master P Saved Snoop From Death Row Records + Puts Lil Wayne In Top 5

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The OG, Master P, stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings with a spirit of enlightenment! The Louisiana rapper checked in with Nick Cannon to talk about everything from Hollywood to family, Best believe he came spitting nothing but facts about the industry and its impact on people of color.

When talking about production in Hollywood, Master P expressed some concerns about people of color not having enough ownership. P says, “We don’t own nothing… We own five percent of all the production in Hollywood. African Americans and Latinos, not just African Americans…The people that go to buy these movies is us.” Nick added, “(we) consume sixty percent of the content.”

Nick claims the down south rapper saved Snoop Dogg from Death Row Records. Master P says he and Snoop found God and says, “Snoop wasn’t afraid to change his life and listen…Snoop, he got a heart of gold, man.” His appreciation for the legend did not stop there! When it came down to listing his top five MCs, Master P surprised Nick by naming  Lil Wayne right after Snoop, Pac, Biggie and Scarface.

The two wrapped up the interview with some rapid fire! Master P says, he’d rather be loved than feared, but his biggest fear is, “my family not getting what they need to get.” He says the best advice he has ever received is to put God first, and the worst was, “it’s all about money.” According to Mr. P, he could listen to ‘Thriller’ over any album for the rest of his life, if he had to.

From Calliope to Calabasas, Master P has no limit! Catch the rest of his interview below!

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