Too Short On Becoming A Father, The Evolution Of “B*tch” And “Pimpin'”

Too Short On Becoming A Father, The Evolution Of “B*tch” And “Pimpin'”

Photo credit: Power 106

The OG, and nothing short of legendary, Too Short, came through the Zen studios at Power 106 for a close conversation with Nick Cannon on Nick Cannon Mornings.

Most famous for saying, “B*TCH,” the Oakland rapper came in with some new merchandise expressing his favorite word. He’s promoting new buttons that look like the “That Was Easy” buttons (you know the ones from Staples lol) except, custom-made saying, “B*TCH!” In our opinion, his are better!…LOL.

The buttons were an immediate conversation starter that made both Short and Nick delve into the conversation of the “evolution of b*tch” and how Too Short helped make the word have such a powerful meaning in today’s day and age.

“It’s a compliment now, if you have the right tone. ‘Bad bitch’ is like a badge of honor,” he says.

Speaking of “bad b*tches,” ironically enough, during a round of speed questions, when asked about his greatest fear, Too Short replied “walking around the corner and seeing my daughter swinging around the pole.”

We all know the ‘Gangsters & Strippers’ rapper has had quite the experience throughout his career!

“I’ve been a student of life and a lot of daddy issues in the strip clubs. A lot of strippers talking about ‘oh, I love your grey hair’,” he joked.

Hope his daughter doesn’t make him MAD!

Catch the rest of his close conversation with Nick Cannon below!

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