Azjah Says Her REAL Name is Aja?!

Azjah Says Her REAL Name is Aja?!

Photo Credit: Power 106

The Princess of Compton, came through to checc in With Carisma and details how she got her stage name, the viral challenge for her single “Time For It”, hitting a million on Soundcloud and her upcoming tour with G Perico.

Azjah, real name Aja (said like AH-HA!) says she got her stage name, Azjah, when her birthday cake got messed up one year. The baker spelled it ‘Ajah’, “So I’m like man my rap name can’t just be ‘Aja’. Like I gotta add a little twist to it,” she starts. “So I was just playing with it, so I don’t know where I got it from. I really don’t know—I just went with the ‘A-Z’, and I just put the H at the end from the birthday cake.” There you have it folks!

Her single “Time For It” is poppin off and the dance challenge has of course gone viral on social media; and now she’s got a remix out with Kalin.FrFr and ShordieShordie.

She’ll also be heading out on tour with G Perico. The tour that will kick off THIS Sunday in Oakland. The mini-tour has six dates, three in California as well as Phoenix, Denver, and Seattle. You can also check her out at the Day N Vegas festival in Las Vegas on Sunday, Nov 3.

Last but certainly not least, Azjah and Carisma are cooking up something special, so make sure to STAY tapped in for that news soon.

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