Kash Doll & Iman Shumpert Speak On BET Hip-Hop Cyphers [READ]

Kash Doll & Iman Shumpert Speak On BET Hip-Hop Cyphers [READ]

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The BET Hip Hop Awards recently took place at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, bringing in the who’s who in the music industry and beyond. Earlier this month, Power 106 attended the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher shoot in downtown Los Angeles, where Kash Doll, IDK, King Los, Travis Thompson and Iman Shumpert all spit freestyles in a special Cypher video performance.

Speaking to Kash Doll on being the only female in a group full of male rappers, she described it as “sensational. It was amazing, I’m just honored they called me. They called me yesterday to get ready so I had to come up with it. I wrote it on the plane and I laid it today.” 

While it was her first time meeting Iman Shumpert, she had nothing short of great things to say for the rest of the crew. “It was so much fun. That’s my first time meeting Iman even though I love Teyana Taylor. That’s my girl, I’ve been a fan of her forever. IDK, we just started following each other. He’s a dope artist. King Los is dope. Travis is dope. Everybody’s dope. I’m excited to be a part of a cypher where everybody’s rapping.”

Iman Shumpert was also excited for audiences to see his rapping ability versus ball skills. He states, “It’s big, just for people to finally get to see me in a different light. People see me in that arena being an NBA player and now they get to see me up against other artists, it’s a dope vibe.”

The formers Houston Rockets player also touched on the energy in the room with the rest of the crew. “It feels great I told Kash I got to be a fan for my daughter, that’s her go-to girl. Kash Doll is her girl. I know Los, I spent time with Los in LA. It’s crazy, me and IDK were just talking on Instagram about collab-ing and doing stuff. The only one I just met was Travis but even him, he impressed everybody. Nobody was ready for him but him being from Seattle — my best friend’s from Tacoma. I damn near got a cool vibe with everybody right away.”

Of course, Kash was flattered. She states, “OMG that’s my girl [Iman’s daughter]. I love her so much ‘cause she calls me on FaceTime like ‘Ice me out! Ice me out!'” [laughs] I love her.

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