DJ Willy Wow Pleads Grammy Ballot for Best Kid Album of the Year [READ]

DJ Willy Wow Pleads Grammy Ballot for Best Kid Album of the Year [READ]

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Echoing Soundz

Obama family favorite DJ Willy Wow says the road to Grammys is harder than expected — while dropping the album every parent needs.

Famous kids fuel the most heartwarming Hollywood headlines…and stars like Tyrese and even MICHELLE OBAMA know there’s only one entertainer they can call when a special occasion rolls around: DJ Willy Wow.  The Atlanta-based hip-hop DJ and emcee whose love for the free spirits of children led him from regular rap to imagination-filled interactive rapping with kids, Willy Wow has been going strong in his field for over 15 years thanks to the passion he’s developed from seeing what a big positive impact his music has on the lives of children as well as adults. As the internationally-loved entertainer has explained, “What I really do is try to reach the child inside all of us. All of us have experienced some type of joy of childhood. That’s in each and every one of us. So if I can give something to the young at heart every time I perform, that’s what I’m all about. No matter how old you are, no matter where you’re from, I want to be able to reach that inner child that will make you wanna dance and have a good time, be thought-provoking and make the world a better place.”

After becoming widely recognized for performing at the White House to launch first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, DJ Willy Wow has been performing and making music non-stop, as well as starring in high-energy videos like “Cartwheel” and his Halloween-themed “Mr. Trap Bop” as his “trap clown” alter-ego. Now he’s compiled all his most engaging music into a new album called And The Crowd Goes WOW! so that EVERY child can experience the joy of a Willy Wow party, not just famous ones. And The Crowd Goes WOW! showcases fun topics that kids love to sing and rap along to while providing a meaningful education along the way (including a song featuring the legendary Chuck D all about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “MLK That Way”).

If you thought hip-hop was only for the grown-ups, think again!

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