Rapsody Talks Wanting To Be The Best Rapper Ever And Her Exclusive J. Cole Feature!

Rapsody Talks Wanting To Be The Best Rapper Ever And Her Exclusive J. Cole Feature!

Photo credit: Power 106

The young queen of rap and highly underrated artist, Rapsody, pulled up to the Power 106 Station to have a close conversation with Nick Cannon!

The two talked about a number of topics, from her inspirations to her goals as not just being the best female rapper, but the best rapper overall.

Nick mentions that there’s no one else in Rapsody’s lane. She continues to talk about being inspired by rappers such as Kendrick, who “had depth, had story-telling, their project was a whole story.” She puts herself up against the best, because she wants to be the BEST.

Rapsody then goes on to talk about how she fits in today’s climate. She says that everybody’s chasing hits and she can’t do that. She then continues to talk about the kids today, and the fact that they don’t like to listen to music that makes them think.

She is definitely an artist that strives for substance, and feels that it is imperative to leave an outstanding, positive impact especially on the youth.

Nick also asked how Rapsody approached J. Cole, especially since Cole recently said that he’s not hopping on anymore features. She touched base on how she waited years for the feature from Cole.

You know Nick then had to hit Rapsody with one of his firing squad questions, “Loved or Feared?” To which Rapsody said that she wants people to love her like they love Jesus. “I don’t want to ever lead by fear. I want people to love me like they love Jesus.”

Catch the rest of her conversation with Nick Cannon below!

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