Eric Bellinger Says He’s In His “Yachty Bag Mixed With Thugger Bag”

Eric Bellinger Says He’s In His “Yachty Bag Mixed With Thugger Bag”

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Eric discusses his issues with the music industry, how he plans to top all his other projects with his upcoming album and why he’s catering to the younger generation.

If you’re going to refer to Eric Bellinger, make sure you note, that he’s a Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, artist, producer AND entertainer! Now y’all may or may not know, but E has been in this industry for a minute. When asked what frustrates him about the industry he says, “I think people’s inability to make their own judgement or opinion.” He explains that it’s essentially group thinking. Also adding “It’s tough to breakthrough when you’re against the grain.” But low and behold, here he is ladies and gentleman!

His new project, aptly titled, Saved By The Bellinger is of course a play on words; but more importantly will top all his other projects he confidently explains. It will be a fun change from his more mellow stuff adding; “With the energy and the climate adjustment from myself. Knowing, yes, ‘I am an R&B signer. I love singing, I grew up in church and I love singing.’ BUT, we in a turn up vibe.”

Though his loyal fans will no doubt whole heartedly ride like they have his past project, this time around he’s got his eye on Gen Z. “These kids? They on they social sites. They tryna dance, they tryna do challenges,” he starts. “I really really tapped into just ‘Let’s make the simple songs. Let’s make the catchy songs E’ Let’s go and dip into your Yachty bag mixed with Thugger bag.”

BUT fear not R&B lovers. He says he did it, “without compromising me, and my character.” The melodies may be simple but says there is “potency with the lyrical articulation, AND substance.” If that still isn’t enough insight he further describes the album saying, “It’s all hip-hop, it’s all up tempo, it’s all R&B, rhythmic, got some ‘tropical vibes’, and it’s really just a turn up joint.” BUT we can still expect signing, the classical EB. Which is of course, what he does best!

He also touched on the beef with Tory Lanez, when he stole his signature line “This gone be your favorite song.” Eric says that the line will be absolutely included in the new project, but that him and Tory did chop it up and are good now!

Saved By The Bellinger is dropping TOMORROW 9/27.

Watch Nick and Eric Bellinger’s entire close conversation below:

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