DaBaby Talks New Kirk Album + Says He Charges 100 BANDS For A Feature

DaBaby Talks New Kirk Album + Says He Charges 100 BANDS For A Feature

Photo Credit: Power 106

Da Baby checks in with the L.A. Leakers to talk about his upcoming album ‘Kirk’ & makes a request for J. Cole to return his favor by giving him a feature.

It is EXACTLY six months to the DAY since DaBaby was at Power 106 and SNAPPED with his freestyle for the LA Leakers over the City Girls “Act Up” beat. His memorable first bar, “Who shot ya homeboy, a n***a with a diaper on?”. And since then the NC rapper has only continued to show the world, why he deserves every single one of his flowers.

Baby says he knew he was destined for greatness and compares his come-up to LeBron’s in the NBA. Speaking of LeBron, aka the hottest A&R in the game; he recently posted a video listening to Baby’s new track “Intro”. When asked how he felt about getting Bron’s stamp of approval he says,

“That was dope to see LeBron put the post up […], man along with everything I done been through, a lot of people done tapped in. A lot of people done caught onto the wave […], I’m kinda like, the things that would get into the average person’s head, and cause them to be…you know what I mean? Deter them, like, what they got going on. I’m almost numb to it. Based off of what I done been through in the past year. You get what I’m saying? So it’s like, ‘Lets go to work’.”

After he dropped his last album Baby on Baby, in March of this year; he immediately went on tour, and says there wasn’t ONE venue with an empty seat.  BIG moves! He also spoke about working with J Cole and Dreamville for the ROD3 album. “It’s big, it speaks volumes, that’s how you sell out without saying nothing at all,” he says of being featured on the project’s title track, “Under the Sun”. J Cole also recently announced that he will no longer be doing anymore features for other artists. Baby’s response? “Gimme one, return my favor. What the f*** you talkin’ bout?!” And for other artists hoping for a feature from him, it’ll cost ya! 100k to be exact. Sheesh!

And now, in just six short but crazy months since Baby on Baby; he’s now dropping his next project, Kirk. Justin Credible asks for the backstory behind the title. Plainly put, Kirk is his last name; but it has a much bigger significance than that.

“My last name, it hold BIG weight, you know. This one dedicated to my Pops. You know what I mean? Like, and it’s just a lot of the stuff that I stand on, and that people love me for. This where I learned it from! You get what I’m saying? So, that’s what’s going on with this project. Like, It’s dedicated to him, and I mean him and him only. Him and God.”

Keep your eyes peeled, and ears open ladies and gents; because Kirk drops tomorrow 9/27!

Checkout DaBaby’s full conversation with the LA Leakers below:

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