Kap G Talks New Project ‘Frida Homies’, Growing Up in Atlanta + Talking To Trump Supporters [WATCH]

Kap G Talks New Project ‘Frida Homies’, Growing Up in Atlanta + Talking To Trump Supporters [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Power 106

Kap G continues to push boundaries in the rap game. The Atlanta native broke onto the scene with his standout single “Girlfriend,” which currently hails over 27 million views on Youtube alone.  While the club hit impacted radio airwaves, the bilingual rapper is actually here to use his platform for the greater good: giving back to his Mexican people. His forthcoming album, Frida People, touches on that notion specifically. Coming right from his hometown of Atlanta, Kap G arrives at Power 106 for an exclusive interview with DJ Felli Fel.

With YG’s recent Spanish single “Go Loko” featuring Tyga and Jon Z, fans did not hesitate in letting Kap know they preferred him. When Felli asks about his “Go Loko” freestyle, Kap explains, “When that song came out, everybody kept DMing me or commenting under my pictures like ‘You need to do a freestyle to that. Or they should have just had you on this.’ I was like you know what? I’ma just go ahead and murk it one time.'”

Speaking on his new album Frida Homies, Kap G explains the play on words. The project is themed around Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter. It’s spelled like Frida, but it’s Free Da Homies. He states, “It’s like free the Mexican people. All the stuff we going through right now, the kids in cages, just everything with immigration. Somebody need to speak about it. That’s where I’m going with the album for sure.”

This leads to a discussion on ICE, something Kap experienced first-hand growing up as a Mexican. He states, “I ain’t no politician, but somebody got to say something, start the conversation. I speak about it, I post about it, ’cause I’ve been through that my whole life. My own brother who got me to the position I am now, when he was yoing, he almost got deported. I’ve seen it since I was young, that’s why I do it.”

As far what to look forward to, fans can expect a new single called “La Bamba,” produced by Squat Beats (the same producer who did “Girlfriend” and “Marvelous Day” featuring Lil Uzi and Gunna). Watch above as Kap G discusses talking to Trump supporters and even if aliens are real!


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