AzChike’s New Project ‘Rich & Ratchet’ Is Out Everywhere

AzChike’s New Project ‘Rich & Ratchet’ Is Out Everywhere

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AzChike checc’s in with Carisma to discuss his new project ‘Rich & Ratchet’, his fall tour with 1TakeJay and how he linked up with King Combs.

The LA native is making POWER moves, and was just recently signed to Atlantic records. When asked if life has changes since he got signed he replied,

“Yeah, my attitude. That’s it. I just got my foot a little heavier on they neck, it’s like, you know. That’s about it.” Then he also adds, “I like the business part you know, that’s pretty much really the change. I’m learning a lot about the paperwork, and you know, the rollouts, how shit’s supposed to really go, you know. That’s about it. Ain’t Nothing too drastic. I’m really more the change than they are so, it’s cool.”

He also had a recent show at the Roxy in Los Angeles that went UP. Videos of the show went viral on all social platforms! And on that same note, he confirms he will in fact be touring ASAP! The “Welcome To The Party/ Rich & Ratchet Part II Tour” with AzChike and 1TakeJay will be happening throughout the fall. Chike also added that the tour will be broken down into two halves. The first and smaller half will kick off at Rolling Loud Bay area, and then a larger one will take place before the end of the year.

To find out more, watch AzChike and Carisma’s full conversation below:

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