The Real Cast On Christina Milian, Jeezy’s Secret Relationship w/Jeannie + Evolving From Regrets

The Real Cast On Christina Milian, Jeezy’s Secret Relationship w/Jeannie + Evolving From Regrets

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The beautiful ladies of The Real stop by to have a close conversation with the Nick Cannon Morning Show and it may come as a shock (wink wink)…but they were REAL AF!!! And we loved every second of it.

First of all, a HUGE congrats to Jeannie, Adrienne, Tamera and Loni; their Emmy winning day-time talk show The Real has just kicked off it’s SIXTH season and will hit their 1,000th episode this February! And let’s be clear—that’s NO easy task in this day and age, so let’s give these ladies their flowers okur!!!

Wondering how they did it? “Mainly, not because of us, but because I genuinely believed that the culture needed a show like us on television. I needed my future children to be able to watch TV and say ‘Oh my gosh, there’s a Latina speaking english on day-time television,'” Adrienne explains.

Now, these women are celebrities in their own right, in addition to being host of a show called “THE REAL”. Jeannie opens up about what it’s like dating another prominent person like Jeezy, and how they established the line between personal and professional boundaries when revealing their relationship.

“It’s not about woman or man, and it’s not about what he was hiding or not. It’s that we have to have a consensual agreement when we’re gonna talk about it,” Jeannie starts. “He’s not gonna talk about it if he didn’t talk to me, if me was going to say something. That would be rude. And same thing with me, and that’s how you end up getting a rocky foundation. He knows upon dating me, I’m on a talk show.”

Teddy chimes in and asks Adrienne why she felt the need to clear up whether or not she was proud of her Cheetah Girl days. “People also attack me at the same time,’Why does she always mention the Cheetah Girls?’, like you can’t make people happy. But I’m super proud!” Tamera agrees, since she had a similar experience growing up on Sister, Sister. The whole room even breaks out into the Sister, Sister THEME SONG, for a real throwback moment!

The ladies of The Real are just that! Watch their full conversation with Nick and the gang below:

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