Shoreline Mafia Talks Official Album, Multi Cultural Hip Hop, Global Impact, & First Meeting

Shoreline Mafia Talks Official Album, Multi Cultural Hip Hop, Global Impact, & First Meeting

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OhGeesy and Fenix of Shoreline Mafia check in with Nick Cannon to discuss how the group’s name came about, having over 100 unreleased songs, finding their sound, and what it was like when they received their first plaques.

The original group all connected the the early days of MySpace and while the group didn’t start to create music after becoming close friends, when the moment came Shoreline states the musical chemistry came together organically. The group is focused on an upcoming tour that will run through the new year 2020 with this trek being completely different and a bit more serious with their new signing to Atlantic records. With a major backing from a powerhouse label, the once-independent rappers explain that the support allows for them to be in the right places and make better decisions for their careers.

“I feel like when you move independent, at least for us, we was just making music. We wasn’t really like, putting ourselves in the right places and all that. So, I feel like having that extra push kind of [makes it more] organized,” says Fenix.

Representing for the West Coast and wanting to find a signature look for the group, Ohgeesy shares that the “wavy” sound that the group is known for has transformed form each project. “I feel like our sound is way different from like last year, and the year before that.” The rapper continues saying, “Like, you can even hear the EP, like it sounds different Shoreline “Do That Sh*t”.” Fenix then chimes in and says, “I feel like we really just finding our sound and solidifying it.” The duo add that their next project is coming and the collective has over 100 songs stashed to consider for their first official label-released project.

The Shoreline pair go on to take on the firing squad revealing their favorite movies, the worst advice they’ve ever received, and the best thing they’ve learned in the music industry so far.

Peep the full Close Conversations with Shoreline Mafia and Nick Cannon Mornings below!




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