Michael Rapaport’s Top 5 Rappers, Working w/ John Singleton on ‘Higher Learning’, & Stand-Up Comedy

Michael Rapaport’s Top 5 Rappers, Working w/ John Singleton on ‘Higher Learning’, & Stand-Up Comedy

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Michael Rapaport came through to the Nick Cannon Mornings show and as suspected, the actor and outspoken comedian definitely didn’t hold back.

Chopping it up with Nick Cannon, Rapaport names his top lists of rappers and hip-hop groups, what it was like working with the late director John Singleton on the iconic film ‘Higher Learning’, his next moves in comedy, and even gets into much of the controversial topics he’s voiced his thoughts on including racial issues and Janet Jackson’s relevancy.

Discussing the consequences when it comes to talking about racism and always getting called out on social media, by those who claim he may be racist, Rapaport says, “I don’t take all that sh*t seriously. And, as far as I’m concerned, like, if you’re really comfortable talking about things, talking about race, I feel like it’s more racist to be like, “I can’t say anything because I’m in a room of black people.

Michael is definitely a true hip-hop connoisseur of the classic eras that have opened doors to where the genre has established itself as the most successful and popular musical genres. Trading off with Nick Cannon about their favorite artists and hip-hop groups, Rapaport drops his Top 5 list which includes a New York line-up, of course. The actor included Nas, Ghostface Killah, Jay-Z, Rakim, and KRS-One a part if his interchangeable list.

Having been in the game for over two decades, making appearances in over 60 films, Rapaport reflects on a controversial movie he starred in, alongside Ice Cube and Omar Epps, ‘Higher Learning’, explaining his experience working with the late John Singleton. As the film deals with issues of race and school shootings, which are direct 2019 issues we are facing today, Rapaport says, “The greatest thing about Higher learning was the discussions that it provoked. And people still have the discussions about it.” Michael continues to expand on the role he played saying. “I didn’t judge the character and I think that’s why it resonated with people, whether you liked him or didn’t like him.”

Michael goes on to talk about his current career in stand-up comedy, shares his thoughts on the relevancy of Janet Jackson and also shares why he retired from celebrity basketball.

Peep the full Close Conversations interview with Michael Rapaport and Nick Cannon below!


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