Cuban Da Savage Explains Name Change, Why She Stays Single + How “AGF” Was Made

Cuban Da Savage Explains Name Change, Why She Stays Single + How “AGF” Was Made

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Cuban Da Savage is just 21-years-old but Nick Cannon learned she has some wisdom beyond her age. Rapping since 17, under the name Cuban Doll, Cuban has changed it up recently to “Cuban Da Savage”, which is appropriate given songs like her recent single “AGF” which stands for… well, skip to 3:50.

Currently going through a re-branding process for her career, the former Doll has dropped the surname and replaced it with something a little more edgy; “Da Savage”. While she isn’t the only Savage in hip-hop, Cuban does confess to the #NickCannonMornings host that letting go the “Doll” associate hasn’t been easy saying, “I been trying to get rid of the doll name but everybody just so stuck on that and attached to it”.

Coming up in the social media game, Cuban says she has overcome quite a bit in order to get where she is today.
I feel like success is like overcoming whatever situation was going through. I just feel like some people be like, “Oh, I succeeded, like I’m successful in this” and some people might not look at it like that because they don’t really know where you came from.

Her current single “AGF” is anthem for the ladies, of course, but the newly-turned-21 rapper revealed the reason for grabbing Rubi Rose and Renni Rucci for the female empowerment driven single.

I always love to give up and coming females opportunity, especially if I see potential in them. A lot of people don’t do that when you’re up and coming. They’re like, ‘I’mma wait ‘til she get a feature with Lil’ Wayne and then I’mma hop on the wave.”
Cuban goes on to talk relationship advice and exactly why she stays single, citing age differences, social media expectations, goes through a round of the firing squad revealing her favorite movie of all time, and much more.

Watch the full Cuban Da Savage x Close Conversations with Nick Cannon below!

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