Kenan Thompson Talks “The Kenan Show,” Growing Up w/ Nick Cannon, + Bill Cosby

Kenan Thompson Talks “The Kenan Show,” Growing Up w/ Nick Cannon, + Bill Cosby

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Kenan Thompson and Nick Cannon really use this close conversation as a catch up and discuss their shared journey entering the entertainment industry as kids to both now becoming iconic figures in their respective lanes, and everything in between!

So first of all, Thompson is now getting BACK into the sitcom game, his new show is self-titled “The Kenan Show”. He’s also one of the hosts of NBC’s Bring The Funny, a new competition series where undiscovered comedians perform for a chance to win $250,000.

There’s been a lot of conversations within each facet of the industry, about who the real GOATs are. The GOATs of hip-hop, the producers etc. etc. So you know Nick had to ask Kenan who his major comedic influences were. “I mean I just grew up in the cable era, like when cable first came out,” Thompson explains. “So, you know, Eddie was the king of that, you know. And then Chris Rock came along, and then Dave came along. But they all looked up to Richard, who was the guru.”

Nick and Keenan are both fathers and discuss if they would let their children enter the entertainment industry knowing what they know, “If that’s what they want to do, but I would make sure that they have that balance of normalcy.” Then they pose the question, “Well, what defines ‘normal'”.

Watch below to hear their opinions and more!

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