Photo credit: Getty / Jacob Kupferman

AMC Theaters is now offering fans the chance to watch NFL games on Sunday. The games will be broadcasted on the big screens, with the theaters having tiered-seating so that everyone can see the game.

There is a stale climate when it comes to moviegoers and the theater itself, forcing cinemas to think outside the box to generate revenue. Having NFL games broadcasted at their theaters is definitely a way to combat that stalemate.

Attendance at theaters peaked 15 years ago, meaning theaters have been struggling to get people off their couches and into the theaters. AMC’s had recent success with their A-list service, allowing subscribers to see 3 movies a week for just $20 a month.

However, fans hoping to watch their hometown games in the theaters will face some difficulties. Due to an NFL policy, AMC cannot show teams in their local markets.

Are you planning on going to the AMC theaters to catch a game?