Lebron James “Taco Tuesday” Trademark Application Denied

Lebron James “Taco Tuesday” Trademark Application Denied

Photo credit: Getty / Meg Oliphant

Lebron James is 3-6 in the NBA finals, and now 0-1 for trademark applications. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has denied the Lakers star’s request to trademark the phrase, “Taco Tuesday.”

Over the summer, James’s “Taco Tuesday” bit had gained a bit of traction. In the bit, James would record himself along with his family celebrating “Taco Tuesday” by eating tacos.

Lebron thought that he would capitalize on the moment by trademarking the phase.

Yesterday, it was announced that Lebron won’t be the owner of “Taco Tuesday” because the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office deems it to be a “commonplace message.”
Lebron’s team then commentated that the point of him filing for a trademark was to make it public that he cannot be sued for using the phrase in the future. His team said they were pleased with the outcome and that “Taco Tuesday” is commonplace.

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