Ceraadi On Meeting Jay Z, Favorite Foods, Twerk Tutorial & Working w/ Rihanna [WATCH]

Ceraadi On Meeting Jay Z, Favorite Foods, Twerk Tutorial & Working w/ Rihanna [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Power 106

Hailing from South Central Los Angeles, Ceraadi might just be your favorite sister duo of this generation. With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone, blood siblings Saiyr and Emaza complement each other in everything they do, whether it’s fashion, dance, energy, and of course, music. The LA-based recording artists are currently signed to Roc Nation, bringing a breath of fresh air to the R&B and rap game. Now, they stop by Power 106 for our exclusive Now You Know segment.

When asked if they’ve met Jay-Z, both explode with excitement. Saiyr reveals the moment they found out he was at the Roc Nation brunch during Grammys week, while Emaza reveals she shed a few tears. She states, “It’s crazy. We met him and I cried because he’s my favorite rapper. Our mom actually met him 20 years ago, so the fact we’re signed to his label 20 years later is crazy.”

When it comes to their energy, it’s unmatched. Emaza explains, “A lot of people be like, ‘are ya’ll on drugs?’ Nah, this is just our natural energy. We like to have fun. If smoking and drinking is your thing, that’s cool. But we don’t do that. It comes from the heart. We be in the club, everybody like ‘oh yeah, take a drink.’ Nah we good! It’s our song playing. We like to wearing baggy clothes. We’re not really high-maintenance.” 

Saiyr adds, “Turning up! We’re like free spirits, carefree.”

Watch above as the two give a twerk tutorial, reveal their modern-day TLC, their ideal date night, and explain their new video for “Loyal.”

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