Kanye West Housing Project Completely Destroyed

Kanye West Housing Project Completely Destroyed

Photo credit: Getty / Jonathan Leibson

Kanye West’s futuristic housing community that he planned to start in Calabasas now needs relocation after being destroyed!

Back in July, Kanye had begun building dome like homes to reportedly bust up the class system within the housing market. West also mentioned that the housing would serve as shelters for the homeless.

Still, West was given a deadline to secure the permit for the domes, which he failed to obtain and the prototype homes were in violation of the building codes. To add to the situation, people living nearby had lots to complain about to the LA County Dept. of Public Works, which only caused more problems. Neighbors complained about noisy nights and construction on Sundays.

Fast forward to Monday, TMZ has reported that the domes have unfortunately been completely destroyed. All that remains for now is one small dome, which is sure to be coming down soon. For now, it is unclear whether the project will be moving elsewhere.

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