Lizzo Expresses Love For Marching Bands Playing Her Music

Lizzo Expresses Love For Marching Bands Playing Her Music

Photo credit: Getty / Kevin Winter

Lizzo went to Instagram on Monday to express her love and appreciation for marching bands out there that are now playing her music.

While one school specifically took inspiration from her recent BET Awards performance, Lizzo’s emotional response to it was very sweet.

In a series of videos, the singer explains why she is so grateful for these marching bands, especially from HBCUs.

“I am a legitimate band geek and nerd,” she said, “I was legitimately teased for it.” Lizzo, who joined her school band in the eight grade, said she got bullied a lot for being in band and although it was difficult to not feel included or “lame”, it never stopped her from doing so. “I continued because I loved music so much and I loved marching band culture,” she says.

“Not only to see marching bands, black marching bands, playing my music, but to see the flute sections going off,” she expressed how it means a lot to her. She calls marching band “one the greatest times” of her life and something that helped shape who she is now. While it wasn’t easy for her, Lizzo says everything now makes it worth it. Her flute has even become a huge part of her performances thus she has started the “flute revolution.” 

YASSS GET IT, SIS! We love you, Lizzo!

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