Dom Kennedy on ‘Young Nation’ Album, OPM, Jay 305, Niko G4 & More

Dom Kennedy on ‘Young Nation’ Album, OPM, Jay 305, Niko G4 & More

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Dom Kennedy and the OPM crew stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings to talk about Los Angeles culture and what’s new for OPM.

Dom talks about living in the perfect generation of music saying, “The best thing for us is like we in the middle of two generations, with people like G4 being last in line with us currently, it just gives us opportunity to pay homage to Tupac and the way we grew up and then also the youngest whatever vibe VPM is out right now.”

He tells Nick Cannon that his son keeps him sharp because he is currently listening to all the new music that is out, including some of his songs. He can’t just stick to what he grew up listening to, “We gotta keep it current and have fun with it.”

Cannon asks Jay 305 what was the proudest song he worked on and he said Real Time, confessing, “I got a lot of things off my chest on that man. If you listen to it everything, I’m saying on there is real. It’s just feels strong and heavy; you know what I mean? That was one of the last records I played Nip. And, we was like, “Man, that’s heavy”, so I always listen to that song and be like, damn, it’s out and the world is accepting it, just like how he did.”

Watch the full Close Conversations chat with Nick Cannon and The OPM family below!

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