SiR Talks ‘Chasing Summer’ feat. J. Cole (On The Bells) & Getting Kendrick On “Hair Down”

SiR Talks ‘Chasing Summer’ feat. J. Cole (On The Bells) & Getting Kendrick On “Hair Down”
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SiR stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings and got to tell his story of how he brought the soul from his hood in Inglewood to his music.

For starters, SiR is a calm and collected individual that exudes the same type of mellow, chill vibes that is reciprocated in his lyrics. It’s no wonder how such a talented person became a part of the respected label, TDE. However, his initial encounter with Jay Rock and Kendrick seemed all too effortless. He got a call to go to Santa Monica and meet up with the rappers stating, “I pulled up that same night met Jay Rock met Dot. We did a song that ended up on Jay Rock’s project 90059 and we shot a video to it. That whole month was like a whirlwind man shout out to the squad.”

Without a doubt, SiR has definitely been coming in with the heat, and never stops working. His “Hair Down” song he even wrote on the road! “I wrote that on the road we were on The Championship Tour. I just wanted something that fans could feel confident when they sang it. I definitely feel like that translated so well, and getting Dot on it was a no brainer. People ask me like ‘When did you decide that you wanted Dot on it?’ I definitely knew in the back of my head that it would be crazy to have him on there but I don’t ask anything of him.”

Not only has SiR worked with greats like Kung Fu Kenny, but we CANNOT forget about OG’s Like Dr. Dre himself! He is definitely aware of the connections he has in his own city, and when he has a moment with them, best believe he makes it count! “Being from the west you gotta reach out to the right people.”

Not only did he meet Dre, he free-styled, and made music with him that same day!

Catch more of SiR’s interview below!

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