Koffee Talks Touring w/ Daniel Caeser & Being Added To Barack Obama’s Playlist [WATCH]

Koffee Talks Touring w/ Daniel Caeser & Being Added To Barack Obama’s Playlist [WATCH]

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Jamaican Reggae artist Koffee stopped by #NickCannonMornings to share her feelings about her recent success and rise to stardom despite her young age.  Born in the 2000’s, the 19-year old is currently on tour with Daniel Caesar and was recently added by Barak Obama on his shared playlist. Her single “Toast” broke 50 million views on YouTube.

“It’s a pleasure you know, I feel very proud because he is a figure we always looked up to. Us black people even in Jamaica,” she said.

Koffee talks about growing up in Jamaica and how the simplicity of the country has showed her how to be a simple person. She describes herself as a “Ragamuffin,” which she defined as a person who is laidback and very carefree, not just in style but also aura.

She talks about how the positive vibes in Jamaica have helped her art and how positivity goes a long way.

Koffee also talks about her biggest fear, favorite restaurant, guilty pleasure and worst advice. She also gives advice to upcoming artists and names a few people she is looking forward to working with.

“We only have one life, sometimes getting up to your journey and looking back on your journey and saying shoot I missed that,” she said.“Stay focused and try to pay attention so you can grasp everything in your journey.” 

Koffee also gives Nick a lesson on Jamaican slang and teaches him about Bruf, Chopchop, and Troubledada.

Watch video below and find out what they mean!

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