G Perico On The Making Of His New Album ‘Ten-Eight’, His New Roc Nation Deal

G Perico On The Making Of His New Album ‘Ten-Eight’, His New Roc Nation Deal

Following the release of his new project, G Perico came through to talk new music, how he connected with Roc Nation and more with Justin Credible. His album Ten-Eight dropped today and shares the meaning behind the title stating 108th street is where he started most of his music like “Shit Don’t Stop” and “All Blue” in addition to his shop being located on 108th street. The new album consists of 11 tracks with an introduction from our very own L.A. Leakers which the two laugh about the moment when they sent G their audio and played a joke on him.

When speaking on his new Roc Nation deal and how it came about, he says one of his homies helped connect his team with theirs and it was something he couldn’t pass up on. “An opportunity like that doesnt come around too often because you’re getting with greats that took it beyond levels that people could even understand.” He adds “Me being a visionary myself and a forward thinker, it only made sense to connect and get into that world.”

Switching subjects on the hot topic of the best chicken sandwich, Justin asks G Perico if he had the chance to try the new Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Despite all the hype G Perico tells Justin he is not the biggest fan of Popeye’s due to a previous situation where it didn’t end well… if you know what we mean.

Speaking on the biggest names in Los Angeles hip hop Justin Credible asks G if he could have a Los Angeles super group containing four members, who would be in his group. After reflecting he named himself, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle and Kalan.frfr.

Watch the full interview with the L.A. Leakers below and find out who G Perico would love to collaborate with:

G Perico also came through and dropped bars on Freesyle #091 you can watch HERE. 

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