Ashanti On New Single “Pretty Little Thing”, Advice From Ja Rule, & Staying Relevant

Ashanti On New Single “Pretty Little Thing”, Advice From Ja Rule, & Staying Relevant

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Ashanti stepped into the studio to talk to Nick Cannon about her upcoming record and her current collaboration in the fashion world.

The icon tells #NickCannonMornings about her latest venture with the fashion brand, Pretty Little Thing. She also reveals how her record with Afro B happened and gives credit to her sister for helping her. “We were in Turks and Caicos on vacation and I do my little bikini snap. I had some record playing and my sister was like ‘nah you got to put that Joanna record on’ so I snapped myself [again] in the bikini. Him and the producers hit me with ‘Oh thank you for showing love’ and it turned to I got beats.”

Everything seems to be moving in the right direction for Ashanti as she says things started to connect. From her fashion brand to even connections with other artists, her life has been working out organically. “At the same time that I was kinda working on the deal with pretty little thing . . . fashion and music mix, when we wanted to role the campaign out,” Afro B and Ashanti wanted to do a vibe that spoke to Amazonian unique exotic pieces. “It just all made one complete thought so with the Afro Beats record and the line coming together that synergy was just organic.”

Family is the most important part of Ashanti’s life, which is why working with family is not a problem but a blessing! Ashanti’s mother has guided her career since the beginning of her take off with Murder Inc. Their mother-daughter relationship has helped impact the business aspects of Ashanti’s career. The “Early In The Morning” singer explains, “There are so many sharks in this music industry. The betrayal level is on an all-time high. People are just more motivated by money as opposed to just being loyal and caring about you as a human being, as opposed to seeing you as a commodity. So, with me and my mom, we don’t have paperwork, you know what I mean? She goes, on to continue, “I’m truly blessed to have a mom that is so passionate. No one is going to go hard for you like your mom. You know, we’ve learned so much and I have an amazing team. And, just as we go, it’s important to have faith.”

Ashanti has more music on the way for her fans, with Metro Boomin leading her next project, expected music to drop with Wiz Kid, and says that she’s delivering what her fans want to hear.

Watch the full Close Conversations with Ashanti and Nick Cannon Mornings below!

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